Stretch Marks


Why They Appear?

Stretch marks (striae) can appear when the skin stretches or shrinks too quickly, causing the collagen and elastin which supports your skin to tear. As your skin heals from these tears, the scar it leaves behind is referred to as a stretch marks. Stretch marks do not damage the protective barrier of the skin but do have an impact on the overall look and feel of the skin. Stretch marks first appear reddish in color and fade over time to a lighter color.

Everyone is different and not everyone develops stretch marks and if they do, not everyone gets them in the same way. However, there are some key times in your life that you may develop stretch marks:

  • Growth bursts during puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight loss/gain
  • Rapid muscle growth through weight training

In addition, changes in hormonal levels and a family history of stretch marks are strong factors along with some medical conditions and medical treatments that may increase the likelihood of stretchmarks appearing.



How to Apply Stretch mark Products?

  • Apply product to early stretch marks
  • Massage the product in to your stretch marks
  • Consistently apply the product daily for many weeks/months



Golden Oil® recommends Bio Retinol Stretch Mark Protection which is exclusively formulated to take control of stretching skin during puberty, pregnancy and rapid growth. Improves the skin suppleness to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.