About Facial Oils

What Are Facial Oils?

Facial oils are an important part of a good skincare routine and can be used by anyone with any skin type. Facial oils are generally formulated with a combination of plant oils and key ingredients designed to nourish and balance skin for a healthy glowing look. A little goes a long way and two to three drops of facial oil should be more than sufficient in most cases. Apply a few drops in the morning and at night and if you have oily skin, apply just at night to begin with. 


Why You Should Start Using Face Oils 

  • Locks in moisture and adds extra nourishment. If face oil were an item of clothing, it would be your topcoat. Facial oil is occlusive and helps to hydrate and trap water in your skin by providing a protective barrier. 
  • Provides extra nutrition and can reduce wrinkles. A good facial oil will include a mix of essential ingredients beneficial for healthy looking skin. For example, antioxidants that contain anti-aging and healing properties. 
  • Stimulates healthy, glowing looking skin. It can rejuvenate dull and dry skin by helping to restore moisture and provide that glowing look in your skin. 
  • Can protect skin. When applied during your anti-aging morning skincare routine it provides a protective layer and acts as a barrier between your skin and the harmful elements in the environment. 
  • Can help foundation apply more smoothly. A facial oil helps you to glide on your foundation more easily. Depending on the ingredients and instructions for your facial oil, you may be able to mix your facial oil with your foundation before applying. 
  • Non-comedogenic. Using only a few drops and the correct formulation/ingredients, you should not experience issues with clogged up pores. In fact, facial oils can shrink enlarged pores by extracting dirt and residue from the pores which makes them appear smaller and less visible.


Our Oils

Our essential oils are extracted from plants and contain only those elements that are beneficial to the skin. 


What are Cold Pressed Skincare Oils?

Oils can be refined or unrefined and cold pressed. Refined oils undergo a process of hydrogenation and treated with chemicals to increase the yield and shelf-life. The chemicals used means some of the nutrients and antioxidants are lost during the processing stage and with it the maximum benefit from the ingredients. 

Cold pressed oils undergo a minimal process and are not treated with chemicals, heat or solvents and involves placing the plant and seeds between two plates and pressing the plates together to release the natural oil. This method produces a smaller yield and shorter-shelf-life, but the ingredients remain natural and retain more nutrients and antioxidants.

All of our following oils have been cold pressed to ensure nature’s most pure, potent and nutritional ingredients go into our skincare products. 

  • Anthemis Nobilis Oil
  • Argania Spinosa Oil
  • Citrus Limon Oil
  • Cocos Nucifera Oil
  • Glycine Soja Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Punica Granatum Seed Oil
  • Rosa Rubiginosa Oil
  • Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil
  • Sesamum Indicum Oil