Our Mission, Values and Ethos

Our Mission

Golden Oil® is a skincare brand that aims to promote natural ingredient based anti-aging skincare and wellness to help customers across the globe restore their youthful beauty and eliminate common beauty worries. The brand currently offers a focused range of products to help users shine, sparkle and radiate irresistible skin. 

Developed by world renowned dermatologists and naturopathic doctors, Golden Oil® has formulated a revolutionary multi-ethnic skincare range designed to benefit all skin types, skin colors, ages and genders. Our products skin softening and moisturizing properties are achieved through a specific formulation of natural ingredients that also help towards relaxation and emotional calming. 

Golden Oil® is continuously looking into new ways in which to help you maintain and improve the health of your skin and your wellness. 


Our Values

  • We believe nature offers the best solutions to every beauty and wellness need.
  • We believe beauty is diverse, inclusive and unique to every single person.
  • All of our products are free from any toxic chemicals and artificial elements.
  • Our unique mix of essential oils and minerals have been meticulously selected and combined to best compliment your body’s own natural systems. 


Our Business Ethos

Our business ethos and philosophy are founded on the key principles of authenticity, caring, sharing and sustainability. 

  • Authenticity is embedded into our business model and all our ingredients are carefully sourced and products formulated by dermatologists to provide you with the best natural, chemical free and effective skincare solutions. The effectiveness of our ingredients is evidence based and verified by scientific studies, dermatologists and beauty experts. 
  • Caring for each other and the environment and how we treat each other and the word which we inhabit is a driving force of Golden Oil®. We endeavor to bring you the most up-to-date expert and evidence-based beauty information, blogs and advice on a regular basis to help you with your skincare needs. 
  • Sharing success with our customers and partners through mutually beneficial relationships. Working closely towards a common purpose with our suppliers and partners to continuously inform, educate and reward our customers for sharing their skincare experiences and creating a friendly brand community. We strive to offer the best natural and effective dermatologically formulated skincare solutions at competitive prices and reward all our customers for their business/loyalty in a meaningful manner. 
  • Sustainability is not, and should not be an after thought for any business or individual. Our planet needs the same (if not more) care and attention for it to heal from decades of sustained damage so it can continue to be experienced by future generations in the way nature intended it to be. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure we are doing as much as we can to look after and heal our planet. Golden Oil® is currently working with partners to set and achieve carbon and sustainability targets in the key areas of ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. We will continually strive towards safer environmental practices and provide clear guidance on how to recycle each of our products.