Massage Therapy

From the moment a client informs you of her pregnancy, you should offer massage therapy to help relieve a range of challenges faced by the skin during pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

How does massage therapy help?

As a pregnant client is massaged circulation is enhanced, sending blood coursing through the body and promoting new tissue growth. This gentle stimulation on a regular basis keeps skin supple and strong, and in most cases, relatively blemish-free as well as improving overall well-being, stress, and coping abilities needed during and after pregnancy.

Golden Oil massage therapy can help reduce the chances of developing stretch marks by improving skin elasticity and uneven skin tone and is ideal for stretch marks caused during pregnancy, periods of rapid growth or weight fluctuations. The massage nourishes and moisturizes postpartum parched, over-taxed skin whilst smoothing and toning aging skin.

Moisturizing and hydrating are the key goals. Many products on the market claim to address stretch marks, but those that contain Bio-Retinols and antioxidants have extra-rich properties that can maximize nourishment for the skin. The treatment will leave your client with skin that is deeply moisturized, hydrated and healthy. The therapy is best used on a client’s stomach, buttocks, arms and legs.  

Embarrassing and unsightly stretch marks do not need to be an inevitable side effect of pregnancy. Reminding your clients of the benefits of massage therapy will help make them feel better about their body during and after pregnancy.

As a massage professional, you may want to partner with Golden Oil to expand your client base. If you are seeking a partnership and are interested in massage therapy for stretch marks, pregnancy and postpartum please contact us here.