Shaving Essentials


Shaving is a daily routine for millions of men and is one of the biggest areas where men can benefit from skincare. shaving carefully and correctly is an important step in men’s skincare (in particular for men with sensitive or skin conditions).  Some key tips to follow are: 

  • Wet your skin and hair to soften it before you shave.
  • Use good quality shaving products that are mild, moisturizing and soothing with antibacterial properties that protect and lubricate the skin and help the razor glide smoothly.
  • Use a clean, sharp razor at all times for a clean shave and to reduce razor burn and any cuts and bumps.
  • Multi-blade razors. If you have sensitive skin, skin conditions, prone to razor burns or ingrown hairs, you should consider using a single/double blade razor to see if this is better suited to shaving your skin. If you suffer from these issues, you may also consider not stretching your skin taught while shaving.
  • Always shave in the direction the hair grows.
  • Rinse after each swipe of the razor and change your blade after 4-6 shaves as a general guide. If you have tough hair and sensitive skin as an example, you may find changing your blade after a couple of shaves is better for your skin.
  • Consider using a hair/beard trimmer instead of shaving with a razor. If you have sensitive skin or suffering from acne, using a trimmer will not irritate or inflame your skin. 



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