Consistency is Key for Healthy Skin

Have Patience

Achieving healthy skin starts with a daily routine and remaining focused and determined over the long term. Follow these essential four tips for creating your customized anti-aging skincare routine. 



  1. Set your skincare goals. What do you wish to achieve from your skincare routine? (For example, you may wish to achieve clearer skin; radiant, youthful-looking skin; prevent further damage and heal skin). Carefully consider what you wish to achieve from your skincare routine as these will inform and establish your skincare routine and skincare product choices. Without clear skincare goals, you run the risk of not getting the most out of your skincare routine and are likely to make poor skincare product choices. 
  1. Undertake research. Once you have set your skincare goals, undertake research into how best to achieve these through a skincare routine that matches your skincare goals and skin type
  1. Select a small number of products (2-3) to begin with that contain key active ingredients that best target your skin care needs and build your way up to adding more products to your routine once you are comfortable with the products you are currently using. 
  • Golden Oil® recommends Bio Retinol Day Time Anti-Aging Elixir which combines Bakuchiol, Nicotinamide and is packed with antioxidants and essential oils that helps rejuvenate the skin and plump out wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.
  • Golden Oil® recommends Bio Retinol 24k Rose Gold Anti-Aging Eye Serum for an expertly formulated eye serum that takes control of puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles whilst lifting and tightening upper eyelid wrinkles and smoothing out subtler fine lines.
  • Golden Oil® recommends Bio Retinol Night Time Anti-Aging Elixir which combines Bakuchiol, Nicotinamide, Biden Pilosa and high concentrations of genistein, vitamin A, B, C and E, essential fatty acids (EFAs), and lecithin which help to reinforce the skin’s surface so it takes on a younger, smoother replenished appearance.
  1. Be patient and consistent and resist the temptation to change products too quickly. You skin cells regenerate on a regular basis, but the rate at which this occurs varies between person to person; with age being the biggest factor determining skin cell renewal. For example:
  • Babies: skin cell renewal approximately every 14 days
  • Teenagers: skin cell renewal approximately every 14-21 days
  • 20’s – 30’s: skin cell renewal approximately every 28 days
  • 40’s: skin cell renewal approximately every 45-60 days
  • Over 50’s: skin cell renewal approximately every 60-90 days 



Based on this fact alone, you will begin to get a feel and sense of the impact of the product on your skin after 4-6 weeks. But it will take at least three months of consistent use before you begin to see the desired effects. Changing products too frequently may cause skin irritations and will not provide you with the appropriate time for the products to work on your skin. Maintaining a consistent skincare routine allows your skincare products to work better, which in turn allows your cells to regenerate faster each night.